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Hartshorn - Hook Enterprises is a creative group of companies, working across live entertainment, hospitality and lifestyle. We are renowned for producing world-class immersive and traditional theatre and providing services to the live entertainment industry, as well as our hospitality brands, such as The Lucky Club and The Farrier, Camden.


The HHE group creates amazing experiences, from productions to marketing campaigns and from ticketing to merchandising. Our companies share values of quality, innovation, welfare and equality.


We are keen to attract a diverse applicant pool, and we are aware that some under-represented groups are typically less likely to apply for jobs unless they are sure they comfortably meet all the criteria. With this in mind, we encourage all potential candidates to reflect on their strengths and experience in the broadest sense, including transferable skills where appropriate, when considering their suitability for the position. In all cases, we will select the best candidate for the role.


We value doing good things with good people and believe that the work process is as important as the outcome of the work itself. We’re focussed on finding team members with personality, enthusiasm, spirit and loyalty, who want to make work fun and make fun work. Skills can be taught and progressed: what matters at Hartshorn - Hook is the spirit and attitude of the team. 

Please find job listings below, if there are any to show. We're always on the look out for great talent, so please contact us to say hi!

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